Trench Coat – From the trenches to the streets

Trench Coat – From the trenches to the streets

Trench Coat Capa

Autumn is coming and with it some classics of the season begin to reappear as the trench coat. The piece is very traditional in the female wardrobe, but it was not always so. When it was created it was just part of men’s clothing.

Although there are some controversies regarding its creation, the most known and accepted story is that in 1879, Thomas Burberry invented a cover made with a type of gabardine sturdy to rain, and later added flaps to the models. The piece was made to Burberry’s biggest customer: the English army. The jacket was adjusted to the needs of a soldier in combat. The handles on the shoulders closed with buttons, for example, bound epaulettes and insignias and also was used to ensure that the handle of the gun would not slip.

By the way, the name of the coat refers to the trenches! Those shelters made to enable the protection and movement of troops during battles. It was made exactly to be worn in these locations.

Numerous copies were made by other brands later, which ended up making the trench coat a hallmark of the First World War.

The first models that were popular were almost always gabardine in beige or khaki, with 7/8 lengths.

In the 20s they took the streets and civilians started wearing it too. Most traditional models of Burberry began to mix with versions that reflected the style of the twentieth century.

Later the trench coats were in the big screen. And since then, the coat also became part of the female wardrobe, especially in winter or on rainy days.

The piece is so democratic that it can be worn with jeans or a cocktail dress, with boots or pointy scarpins and spiked heels, to go to the movies or to a party.

In 2001, Christopher Bailey became creative director of Burberry. He created the classic trench coach in pink. The success among young people was so great that the Burberry Facebook page gained more than 4 million followers.

Burberry Pink Trench Coat

In 2009, it has been launched the Art of the Trench project, in which the owners and fans of the classic Burberry trench coats from all parts of the world were invited to submit their photos using the piece to be disclosed on a website. In August 2012, the Art of the Trench earned its Brazilian version.

Despite the various versions created by different brands, one should emphasize that the Burberry trench coats are still today one of the most popular worldwide. And now, besides the classical model in beige or caramel, Burberry bets on strong colors and varied fabrics.

The designs range from classic, retro and modern.

The classic is the original Burberry, usually in black or khaki, made ​​of gabardine, with Raglan sleeves and the length extending from the neckline of the jacket. They are composed of 26 fabric sections of different sizes and they have shoulder straps, ten pierced buttons, inside lining and a belt with metal buckle.

Burberry Classic

The retro model reflects the historical changes in popular culture. They are wider in hip high and have marked waist. Over the 1960s and 1970s, trench coats were associated with the rebellion of minorities. Models of long suede or leather in brown and black were made with large lapels. In the late 1970s, the long black coat was a fashion punk piece.

Trench Coat Retro

In the modern model, the khaki is replaced by bright colors such as red, purple, pink and yellow, or prints like plaid, polka dots and stripes. The gabardine gives place to silk and lighter fabrics. The details are left to the gold buttons, spikes and chains, among others.

How about meet some fans and passionate of trench coat, now considered a key piece for any woman?

As already mentioned, the film served to popularize the trench coat, which was present in unforgettable scenes.

In ” Casablanca “, the model used by Humphrey Bogart was immortalized by the film and became a fashion icon.

Audrey Hepburn, always wonderful, wore a trench coat in a retro style on the famous rain scene from the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Catherine Deneuve composed one of her luxurious with the piece in “The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg”.

The trench coat was also responsible to give a mystery look to the detective Jacques Clouseau, played by actor Peter Sellers on the comedy The Pink Panther.

The air of secrecy and sensuality transmitted by the famous fictional character Sherlock Holmes is characterized almost exclusively by the trench coat.

More recently, in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway characters paraded with charming trench coats. To die for!

In series, one should mention Blair Waldorf, a Gossip Girl character. She knows, as no one, how to give life to a trench coat. She abuses of black or colored pantyhoses, maxi bags, scarves and gloves. On feet, sneakers or heels.

In real life, the piece is essential in many fashionistas closet.

Kate Middleton, always stylish, loves her trench coats. With thicker socks and boots with tube dresses and high heels, or even wearing it like a dress, she invests in production with gorgeous pieces.

Alexa Chung, the famous It Girl, is also supporter of the compounds looks with trench coats. She opts for light colors like beige, and prefer to wear them opened, unlike most of people.

Emma Watson is the TOP of trench coats. Known as “the trench coat girl”, Emma has been the poster girl of Burberry and posed with beautiful, desirable and exciting pieces. Adept of the most modern models, her appearances with new pieces are always expected.

And you? How do you like your trench coat?

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