Parisian style: How to wear blazer and other tips to be chic

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The Parisian woman is known and admired everywhere for her unique style. Full of unpretentious elegance, the Parisian woman lives a simple lifestyle. The main reason why she is so fascinating is exactly because of this simplicity. The Parisian woman keeps a smart, strategic wardrobe, full of basic and neutral pieces of clothing, and she avoids flashy and extravagant looks!

Even though the Parisian woman is extremely connected to the fashion world, she is far from being a fashion victim. She knows all the trends, knows what’s “in”, but buying whatever is trendy just because everybody is wearing it definitely doesn’t appeal to her. She only wears outfits she likes and flatters her. After all, she knows her own body and lifestyle and knows exactly what will suit her and her daily routine (that is the best lesson we can learn from the French: self-knowledge!).


Other interesting feature of the Parisian style is that they hate the idea of showing off labels and they don’t buy something only because of the brand. They always choose to wear an outfit from a brand that focuses on good taste and quality, without caring so much about showing off the price. Actually, the premise adopted by the Parisian woman is quality, not quantity! She’d rather have just the essential, few but good pieces of clothing. She believes that good basic items of clothing are the secret for beautiful elegant looks!


According to the style guide “Parisian Chic”, by Ines de la Fressange, some of the most essential pieces you should have in your closet are a trench coat, a leather jacket, a sweater, a tank top, a black dress, a nice pair of jeans and a blazer. The last one, since is very practical and can be worn by everyone, regardless your body shape, is part of the wardrobe of many women across the globe, including Brazilian women.


How about we use the style guide of the Parisian women and learn how to pull this versatile piece off in an elegant way? The first step is to make sure you’ve got a nice quality blazer. A nice fabric and nice shape is essential. Check if the shoulder line fits you properly and if the length and shape flatter your silhouette. Wear the blazer in a simple way, without too much sparkle, glitter or excessive flashy elements.

The Parisian women, unlike the Brazilian women, are not very fond of colors and prefer their blazers in dark shades, like black and navy, which can be easily replaced by gray and white on hot days. If you like that pop of color, try to keep it simple even  when wearing a colorful blazer!

Since the blazer is originally menswear, the idea is to mix both female and masculine universes. Therefore, add a feminine touch to your blazer. An easy way to do this is to wear it over a silk top or blouse, or a lace top. You can also wear it over a dress!

To create a relaxed look, pair the blazer with jeans. Matching it with Converse sneakers is also a good idea. The Parisian women love this hi-low trend. For a sharper look, roll up the sleeves of your blazer and show your forearm. If the blazer has a pretty lining, you can show it off when you roll up the sleeves. Its is charming and it also makes you look thinner!

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