Miss Owl was born from the desire to talk about fashion as culture, as art, as a social movement, as a form of expression, creation, innovation, information.

The idea, therefore, is to provide a deep content that attracts everyone, from the curious to the committed, always showing fashion from a cultural point of view.

And, since fashion as culture is not alone, but rather set in a vast field of knowledge, Miss Owl team’s work is to translate the connection of fashion with art, music, literature, cinema, history; to position fashion in time, talking about its characteristics in different eras, its influence over society and the society’s influence over it, in each and every historical moment; to locate fashion in space, focusing on the world as a whole; to promulgate Brazilian fashion to the world; to connect fashion from the major international fashion capitals; to discover fashion in the most remote places, its creation, configuration and role in society; to reveal different cultures, offering a rich, diverse and profound knowledge.

To show that, in fact, fashion is culture, not superficiality and consumerism!


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